Olympia Restaurant

106 Kent St W


Since its inception in 1906, the Olympia has always been a family run business.

The original owners, the Bakogeorge brothers, created the Olympia Candy Works, a stunningly beautiful candy and ice cream shop.

By 1930, the second owners, the Tozios family remodelled it into the Olympia Tea Room, a comforting place to stop in for refreshments and lighter fare as a kitchen was put in.


Owned now by the Karkabasis and Dedes families the Olympia continues its core values of warm hospitality and family traditions

The Mediterranean inspired menu at the Olympia Restaurant caters to all generations and tastes.

Hospitality, attentive service and a festive feeling — it comes with the territory at Lindsay’s Olympia Restaurant Cafe and Bar, along with fabulous sizzling steaks, tender souvlaki and the big fat Greek salad.

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