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Culture on Kent

July 23, 2022

Join us July 23rd from 10am-4pm for a showcase hosted by our lovely downtown businesses of the many amazing artists of the Kawartha Lakes. The day will be full of artistic attractions along with plenty of activities for children (KIDZ ZONE run by Big Brothers Big Sisters). Please see below for a list of participants and some background info on their talents.

Participant Bios:

  • Jennifer Delaney (Multi-Medium Artist) - Jennifer is an emerging fine artist currently residing and making art in Bethany, Ontario and at her studio space in Peterborough, Ontario. Jennifer has been working in many mediums in art since early childhood, now works primarily in oil paints for landscapes and abstract pieces. Jennifer has a college diploma in graphic design but has transitioned to organic mediums as a full-time artist. You can view some of Jennifer’s art online at www.jenniferdelaney.ca and on Instagram at @jdelaneyart.

  • Jessica Collis (Multi-Medium Artist) - A graduating student of LCVI high school here in Lindsay, Jessica has been drawing and painting for most of her life. Within the past two years Jessica started to take her work more seriously as she hopes to pursue a career in the arts. Jessica’s preferred medium to work with is watercolour, specifically watercolour crayons.

  • Julia Cossarin (Multi-Medium Artist) - Julia just graduated from I.E. Weldon Secondary School where she was mentored in visual arts while completing the International Baccalaureate program. Next year, she will be attending York University to study a Bachelor of Design in the Faculty of Arts, Media, Production, and Design. She enjoys working with graphite, ink, and digital drawing tools to create bold, high-contrast, and often geometric pieces.

  • Abby Murray (Multi-Medium Artist) - Abby enjoys creating digital illustrations using alcohol markers when sketching. Working in a comic style, Abby finds that her style works well with digital and markers. As an artist Abby enjoys creating while exploring different mediums like sculpting, sewing, writing and film making. Abby will be starting to explore her career in art through studies at Ontario College of Art & Design University in Toronto come September.

  • Anders Widjedal (Multi-Medium Artist) - Anders Widjedal has spent his life as an Artist exploring, challenging, educating and creating art. His Scandinavian formative years were filled with black & white photography, painting, stage design, sculpture, mixed media culminating with a degree in Fine Art and Education from Konstfack University in Stockholm Sweden. Anders collection of work can be found in Sweden, and Canada. Anders immigrated in 1992 to Canada where he began teaching high school art and holding exhibitions in a wide variety of subject matters, self-portraits, landscape, and architectural interpretations using old century and various modern structural designs. During one period his focus was spent on murals: some with interactive components. For almost thirty years his home has been Lindsay where he has been actively involved in the Arts scene, having worked in a private gallery, running programs for youth while regularly exhibiting alongside his teaching. Anders has also frequently organized student exhibits in Lindsay, Peterborough, and exchanges with Sweden and is a founding member of the Kawartha Arts Network. Anders first love, photography has been part of a transitional experience from the classic to the digital. Today he works merging digital drawing and photography creating mixed media works. Anders often works through several mediums and techniques until he finds the expression that matches his current visual idea.

  • Sharon Myatt (Southern Comfort Lakeside Art) - A retired teacher and entrepreneur who led disability, at-risk youth and First Nation programs, integrating these groups into major Canadian corporations. She returned to painting four years ago and lives on Lake Catchacoma in the Kawarthas. Water, nature, friends and family memories over 60 years inspire her every day. She has held several art shows and been a member of KAN for three years where she has also been involved in several initiatives and shows. She works with acrylics, mixed media, impasto and vintage art windows.

  • Brianna Doman (Acrylic & Watercolour Artist) - A graduating student from I.E. Weldon high school here in Lindsay, Brianna enjoys working with both digital and traditional art mediums. Art is an enjoyable form of expression for Brianna whether she is painting with acrylics or watercolours. She works to have fun with her art and enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and see their art.

  • Aaron Gourley (Digital & Multi-Medium Artist) - A graduating student from I. E. Weldon high school here in Lindsay, Aaron has been an artist throughout his school career. Working as a digital artist with a focus on fantasy subject matter, Aaron also enjoys working in more traditional mediums such as acrylic and watercolour.

  • Ian Ball (Watercolour Artist) - Nature and rural heritage are big influences in the watercolour art of Ian Ball, also known as I • Ball. Originally from Uxbridge, Ontario, Ian has for many years been going “up north” to the family cottage on Kennisis Lake in Haliburton, where he tries to capture the ever-changing light on the flora and fauna in all four seasons. He continuously strives to creatively express and explore the infinite possibilities that watercolour offers. Ian has a studio/art gallery in his home in Oakwood that is open by chance or appointment and is on the Victoria County Studio Tour: September 24-25 and October 1-2, 2022.

  • Annie Burns (Multi-Medium Artist) - Within her paintings she combines acrylic, spray, marker paint, and street art inks. Annie puts into action traditional and contemporary methods to orchestrate purposeful work in each medium. Her connection to colour is palpably intuitive. Annie has college diplomas in photography, interactive multi-media design / development, and mobile software development. With fourteen+ years as a digital creative her and her teams have won one Canadian award and three Ontario awards. As an artist she has an organic generosity and relationship with people, paint, and colour that develops and shines through. In August there will be a free PDF educating potential clients and customers about her fields of expertise on her website. Pick up her card and get a chance to buy an art piece in person. Or call (416) 829-2722 to schedule an appointment.

  • Kelly Denneny (Textile Artist) - I have been privileged to have taught art for over 20 years and enjoy the opportunity to encourage creativity in students, however, my art journey began over 30 years ago with a quilt made while awaiting the birth of my son. Since then I have worked with many different media - acrylic, pen &ink, watercolour, stained glass and finally, back to textiles. I love to make one-of-a-kind pieces, be they bespoke handbags, an heirloom quilt, a sketch of your home, or a peaceful, colourful watercolour.

  • Elizabeth Corbiere (Cartoon Artist) - A local artist and cartoonist who draws comics, cartoony characters, and illustrations. She loves to use markers and ink for most of her work, and also uses watercolors and digital software. When she's not working or drawing, Elizabeth can be found spending time with her family and dogs, watching a new movie, or reading the latest comics. You can visit her online at cartooneology.com for more info.

  • Constance Hope Art (Animal Artist) - Always a creative child with a natural artistic talent ,Constance Hope Smitheram decided early in life that she wanted to one day be a professional artist. Inspired by her love for animals and art, she has found her ultimate passion in drawing pet portraits. Before starting her career as a portrait artist, Constance attended George Brown College for Fashion Design, Seneca College for Life Drawing and Durham College for Photography. Her artistic experience and training is extensive and has evolved to include a wide variety of art mediums. Although she started her career using graphite pencil, Constance has since changed her medium of choice to charcoal after experimenting with it at a portrait group she attends along with her father (also a portrait artist). Constance works hard to capture the unique qualities and characteristics of each pet. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients preserve the memory of their pets, both past and present. Constance currently resides in the Kawartha Lakes region with her husband and two children. When she is not working in her home studio, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.

  • Debbie Glasbergen (Paint & Mural Artist) - Born and raised in the small hamlet of Yelverton, she embraced all four seasons of beauty. Surrounded by nature and guided by faith, she knew when she was young, being creative fed her soul. But did not surrender to this truth until she was older. To aspire or inspire another via her art is fulfilling, not to mention a dream come true for Debbie. It took a few years to admit to herself that her happy place is with a paintbrush in her hand and a blank canvas before her. Allowing the wonders of her imagination to take over. She loves to express herself through abstract art, exploring different mediums and textures, children's murals, taking on many different opportunities of expressing herself through her art.

  • Nathan Truax (Musician) - Currently based out of Peterborough, Ontario, Nathan has travelled many roads that has led him to his current path as an artist. From drumming in The Kents to touring as a bassist in Said the Whale, Nathan has traded the rock and roll aesthetic for something a little more down - home. Stepping up to the mic this time himself, Nathan is on his way to carve a new path in the world of traditional country music. Being a multi-instrumentalist by nature allows him to execute his vision as a songwriter, and lends itself to creating a strong and cohesive sounding product.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters - Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton (Showcase & KIDZ ZONE) - They will be selling a variety of prints by Canadian artists, such as Rajka Kupesic and Murray Stewart Smith, for the special price of $20 each. We're an organization that requires the assistance of our community to help operate. 95% of our funding comes from your generous donations. With the artwork, you can help to add culture to your home and support our organization to inspire the youth of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton County. Big Brothers Big Sisters will also be running a KIDZ ZONE with plenty of activities for children. These include everything from collective colouring walls, arts & crafts, pendulum painting, giant Jenga, and more!

  • The Makers Collective Co. (Drop-In Pottery Session) - Hosting a make-your-own pottery session where visitors will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of projects to paint and decorate. The drop-in session is available to people of all ages! The location will also play host to multiple in-store vendors from around the region with plenty of sales.

  • Matt Brown (E-Sports & Streaming) - Gamer at heart, Warrior in spirit. Matt is responsible for the Operations and Vendor Management, as well as the Founder of W.S.E.G.L. . Matt has previously been on the board for the CRPS/RSD Canada Foundation, as well as Regional Volunteer Chair for a membership group of 4,000+ businesses in Ontario. Each role has allowed Matt to grow, adapt, and apply his 20+ years of business experience in running successful non-profits in Ontario. Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming Lounge was found based on the simple idea, support through community. Our Board of Directors each have a personal story with Cancer. We dedicated and challenged ourselves to something different. Like an amazing movie from the 80's, this group of 5 came together to change the game. Change the conversation. Support those who need it the most. With ever evolving partnerships and sponsorships, are team is dedicated to a carbon neutral offset through community partners like the Electronic Recycling Association. As a past seed grant recipient, and injector grant recipient through Stream For A Cause, our team created 500 personal care bags for Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto, Canada) and Lakeridge Health Oshawa, which completed on November 4, 2021. We additional created an outdoor pop-up event tent to further bring our mission, programs and services to the public, giving a first hand experience, and story of how gaming, community, and entertainment can link together to provide a support unlike others. Our team knew 1 path forward. Make a difference no matter the size. As our team currently pursues our future plan on a Mobile community Lounge, we pay it forward with personal care bags. In 2021,our team will be responsible for creating and delivering 500 personal care and activity bags to 2 leading Cancer Hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area. We aim to have gamers the chance to play current generation gaming on next-gen PC consoles in an environment built to foster the healing for all those affected by Cancer. Members will also have a chance to experience a full media lounge to kick back on a couch and just watcha movie with friends, and other W.S.E.G.L members. The volunteers at W.S.E.G.L range from a Testicular Cancer Survivor, a Senior Technical Support for a shared Hospital software system, a Canadian digital streamer and game developer, and our daily operations, calendar of events and fundraising efforts are run by an empathetic Mother who experienced lost with Cancer at an early age, and is a rock to so many. W.S.E.G.L. is a welcoming and friendly environment for all gamers affected by Cancer, and includes support for all LGBT2Q+ persons. W.S.E.G.L. also creates digital content weekly and covers topics ranging from cancer support, esports gaming highlights, discussions about events with the Ontario eSports Gaming League, and eSports teams. We aim for future events to include tournaments and prizes. Your donations and a current price list can be found here for trade in value. W.S.E.G.L. is welcoming to new partnerships, donations, volunteers and conversation with medical professionals. We operate on 100% on grants, donations, and public/private funding. Your donation is appreciated as we grow, and expand, we hope you with follow our story.

  • The FLATO Academy Theatre - Supporting local talent in the performing arts, both amateur and professional, for over a century. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform on our historic stage? Well on July 23rd we would like to give YOU the opportunity to experience your own 5 minutes of fame! Bring your own guitar or have a seat at our baby grand piano and belt out one of your favorite tunes. And if performing is not your cup of tea then enjoy a rare opportunity to tour the theatre and check out what happens behind the curtains. All ages welcome.

  • Sydney Martin (Multi-Medium Artist) - a Canadian artist based in Lindsay, Ontario. She is a graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). Her main artistic passions are painting, collage and photography, however her practice has expanded to combine a variety of different media and methodologies including mixed media, bookbinding, paper engineering (pop-ups), paper-making and illustration. The artwork Sydney creates lives in-between the world of reality and imagination, prompting the viewer to question and attempt to understand what they see in the artwork and what it means to them. To begin her practice Sydney looks to capture spaces that are in the process of growth or destruction through photography, finding interest in subject matter such as nature, architecture, reflections, patterns, and abstract forms. From these photographs she makes collages and sketches that serve as both inspiration and reference for her paintings. Through this work Sydney explores the ideas of perception and personal narratives between the viewer and the artwork.

  • JUST JOE CLARKE (Multi-Medium Artist) - Joe Clarke is a self taught artist, when if you Google his artist name (JUST JOE CLARKE) you will find many pages of pieces which he has done. He started painting in a recovery house 5 years ago as he recovered from a life of drugs and crime, where he has been painting his way to happiness. He has donated to many fundraisers and charities and gets great joy from volunteering his art an himself for a good cause. He teaches free classes for kids and whomever would like to learn what he has learned. Currently doing a calendar for breast cancer. He does custom piece where he can build, stretch, and paint any shape, size, or colour painting you would like. His work has been showcased in the Edmonton Journal and on Access TV, travelling across Canada to put his name on the map of artists. He is now very close to being able to have his full artistic freedom, with a gallery in Galveston, Texas and in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Henna Hands by Kinjal (Henna Artist) - Kinjal is a self-taught henna artist based out of Peterborough! Spoiling her clients with some henna therapy, she provides a variety of henna based services, from mobile henna workshops, henna birthday parties for kids, girls henna nights, individual henna orders, as well as events! Come meet her for some special henna designs that talk about you, at the Culture on Kent event! Checkout some of her work on her Facebook page - https://m.facebook.com/Henna-hands-by-Kinjal-102094221521334/ 

  • Pane Vino Trattoria & Wine Bar - Hosting a day full of home baked treats, gourmet coffee, and a wine market, Pane Vino aims to spice up our downtown with a hint of European culture at their beautiful Trattoria & Wine Bar.

  • Sara C Walker (Author) - An author, short story writer, anthologist, and poet. Her speculative short fiction and poetry have been published by Exile Editions, ON SPEC magazine, Tyche Books, and many others. Sara is the anthologist behind Kawartha Lakes Stories, a set of three multi-genre collections of stories that take place in the City of Kawartha Lakes as told by local writers. Find out more at www.sarawalker.ca and kawarthalakeswriters.com.

  • Lori Jean Rowsell (Author) - is a multi-genre author and a member of the CSFFA. Her debut Young Adult novel, "No Other Love", about a very special exchange of hearts, was released as an e-book in early 2022 with the paperback coming soon. Her short stories have appeared in two Kawartha Lakes Stories anthologies. When not writing, she is a nurse who specializes in geriatric care and infection control. Lori Jean lives with her family and their handsome dog in the City of Kawartha Lakes. For more visit: www.lorijeanrowsell.com

  • Wise Roots Woodturning - David and Maria Wise are a husband and wife team of woodturners. They belong to the Kawartha Lakes Wood Turner’s Guild and have been creating and perfecting their artistic one-of-a-kind pieces since they moved to Lindsay after retirement in 2018. The wood speaks to what the finish piece becomes. They work with many types of woods and create many different types of pieces. From pens, to charcuterie boards, aromatherapy necklaces, bowls, boxes, goblets and more using materials such as pine, cherry, cedar, walnut, burls, and of all kinds and others. They have also worked with some exotic woods. Whether you are looking for a specific piece, something for a gift or just a beautiful piece to display in your home, they have a selection of pieces to choose from. They also like making snow men, Christmas trees, and bells for Christmas which they take orders for.

  • Kim Callaghan, Wild Acres (Florist) - At Wild Acres, we grow all our flowers right on the farm. Fresh and local, cut just for you. Whether you need an arrangement for a dinner party, a gift or a special occasion, we love to help. Flower farming is a family business and we’re proud to work together to bring you beautiful flowers. We offer cut flower bouquets and arrangements as well as weekly flower subscriptions. If you’d like to pick your own, we will be hosting group pick your own flower events during July, August and September. Contact us to arrange for your group of friends or relatives to come and pick your own flowers. Wild Acres’ flowers are grown with the environment in mind. We try to keep everything as natural as possible and are working to naturalize parts of our property. It’s important to us to increase biodiversity, and we are growing native plants and pollinators to increase the insect and animal habitat on our land.

  • Galaxy Picture Framing - A destination that is sure to be a hot spot during and after this weekend's event, make sure to stop by for custom framing on any art pieces that you purchase that would like framed!

  • Chuck Stephens (Author) - Chuck did his undergraduate degree at Trent University in English and Philosophy.  He later did a year in seminary at Regent College located on the UBC campus.  He eventually gained a Masters in Communication in Australia and a Doctor of Letters in the UK.  He is a career missionary in Africa.  For 25 years he has been the director of the Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership in South Africa.  He has recently returned to settle near Omemee.  He says that he is not retired, he is "re-treaded".  He has published twelve Christian books available on Amazon.

  • Dave Locke (Geometric Wood Artist) - Dave is no stranger to wood working projects as he has been making things with wood his whole life. His grandfather was a cabinet maker and his brother followed in his footsteps as well. Dave have always been fascinated with geometric designs and patterns so when he created his first geometric wood piece for himself a few years ago, he just couldn’t stop making them. He then found an old used refrigerated shipping container and created himself a wood working shop in Zephyr, Ontario. All his pieces are handmade using pine wood.  He mills, cuts, paints and stains every piece by hand and then glues them together. He likes to create a variety of sizes, patterns and colours and is always available for custom designs. Dave truly enjoys making geometric wood art and takes great pride in his workmanship.