Britton Block

10 - 12 Lindsay St S


This building is part of the "Britton Block". The four acres between Kent Street East and Ridout Street were purchased by Jeremiah Britton from Hazard Purdy in Lindsay's earliest days. The present buildings were constructed after the great fire of 1861.

Take a look at the building at the corner of Lindsay Street and Rideout Street. The third floor is false!  

False third floors are often created after a building is partially destroyed by fire and the owner doesn't want the expense of fully rebuilding but the facade must be maintained to match surrounding buildings.


Britton Block is now the home to two amazing women owned and run businesses, the Yoga Loft and Rustically Signed.

At The Yoga Loft you will find a serene and peaceful space to practice yoga. They strive towards creating a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment!

Rustically Signed is a handmade market place with over 60 local makers! They also provide custom décor and woodworking classes.

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